FBS Advanced
FBS Advanced
FBS Advanced

The Smart Solution

Fetal Bovine Serum is used in cell culture as an essential supplement to support the growth of cells. FBS is a natural product,sourced as a by-product of cattle meat production.

The quality of animal serum is extremely dependent on the care and maintenance of the animals. The increasing demand for beef products has led to the feeding of animals with substances such as growth hormones, antibiotics and nutriceuticals to improve livestockproduction effectiveness. Estradiol, testosterone and progesterone are widely used and are likely to be present in FBS, which in turn may consequently affect the quality of the cultivation of cells. Therefore, the development of serum-free or serum-reduced media for cell culture has been a keenly research topic.

A complete elimination of serum is often not possible but a significant reduction of serum by substitution with cell growth accelerating substances is an attractive alternative. Capricorn Scientific, a manufacturer of cell culture products, offers with its FBS Advanced, a serum reduced FBS with excellent cell growth properties.

The launching of FBS Advanced, a growth factor supplemented Fetal Bovine Serum, is the final result of our research and an intensive optimization process.



Your Features at a Glance

  • Lower batch to batch variations
  • No batch reservation necessary
  • Lower risk of undesired side effects
  • Easier comparability of results in the research community
  • Pre-tested on many cell lines
  • Low IgG content
  • Price stability
Free sample FBS Advanced

Cat. No.: FBS-11B, Volume: 100 ml