The gentle detachment solution

During passaging, adherent cells have to be detached with an enzymatic solution from the surface of its cell culture flask. In most cases this is be done with Trypsin or Trypsin EDTA. However, Trypsin works in an uncontrolled manner and damages the surface epitopes of the cell. These stress factors cannot be avoided by either inactivation or quick working. Minimize the cell stress and detach your cells gently and effective with the original Accutase.


The cell surface epitopes remain intact so that experiments will not be marred and the cells can reattach faster and easily. The structural and functional quality of the surface proteins remains completely intact. Stress during passaging is minimized - this effect is for sure.


Accutase works especially well on sensitive cells such as embryonic and neuronal stem cells. Here Accutase is not only an alternative, Accutase is a prerequisite for controlled, defined and reproducible work.


Accutase is a ready-to-use natural enzyme mixture with proteolytic and collagenolytic enzyme activity. For a defined cell detachment, each batch is adjusted to a standard dissociation activity. The product does not contain mammalian or bacterial-derived products, which can be of importance for some applications. Accutase is supplied in Dulbecco's PBS containing 0.5 mM EDTA and phenol red.

Advantages over Trypsin

  • Max. cell viability and cell recovery
  • Gentle cell detachment
  • Easy to use
  • Faster cell reattachment time
  • No neutralization required
  • Non mammalian origin



Versatile Applications

  • Routine cell passage assays
  • Migration and proliferation assays
  • Analysis of cell surface markers
  • FACS analyses
  • High throughput screening




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