What's New?

With our “Cell Culture Trends” we would like to introduce you to new developments of innovative cell culture products. E.g. we present our new Prime-Line Cell Type Specific Media, formulated for many cell types. What´s new? No more testing of serum or supplementation with our ready-to-use Prime-Line.

Facilitate your laboratory life

If you are working with the in vitro cultivation of endothelial cells from blood vessels, EndoPrime is the right choice for you.

If you have been working with cultivation of NK cells, we want to introduce our new NK-Prime Complete Medium. We want to convince you that NK-Prime is the better way.

Our new serum-free HepaPrime was designed for optimal short time cultures without additional daily feedings.

Test our products and find out for yourself!

Order free samples for your research

EndoPrime Complete Medium for Cultivation of Primary Entohelial Cells

100 ml Complete Medium, Cat. No.: ERP-B; free sample

HepaPrime Complete Medium for Cultivation of Primary Hepatocytes

100 ml Complete Medium, Cat. No.: HPR-B; free sample

NK-Prime Complete Medium for Cultivation of Primary Natural Killer Cells

20 ml Complete Medium, Cat. No.: NKR-G; free sample

Fetal Bovine Serum Exosome Depleted

50 ml Serum for Excellenct cell groth, Cat. No.: FBS-ED-12F Special Price 69.00 €

MycoXpert, Mycoplasma Removal Reagent (50x)

100 ml MycoXpert, Mycoplasma Removal Reagent (50x), Cat. No.: MYX-B, Special Price 59.00 €

CHO|ONE Media System, Starter Kit

CHO|ONE Media Sytem, Starter Kit, Cat. No.: CHO-K1, Special Price 99.00 €