Innovative medium formulations for reliable chromosome analysis

LymphoPrime, Marrowprime and AmnioPrime are our complete media specially developed for cytogenetic studies and in vitro diagnostic procedures. These media have been shown through numerous studies to be homogeneous, safe, reliable and to give high performance and reproducible results. They are perfect for the in vitro cultivation of human primary cells, and our superior formulations will make your work quicker, easier and more consistent.


LymphoPrime – our optimised complete medium for the cultivation of lymphocytes from peripheral blood for karyotyping studies. The mitogen Phytohemagglutinin (PHA) and the well-tested Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) from Capricorn Scientific are the two most important growth determining factors in this medium. Maximum stimulation of lymphocytes and cell division rates are obtained through the optimal PHA concentration.


MarrowPrime – was developed to optimise the handling of primary bone marrow and leukemic cells. A complex combination of MEM Alpha Modification medium, antibiotics, L-Glutamine, FBS, hormones and other growth factors has been optimised to produce maximal cell attachment and growth rates.


AmnioPrime – was developed for the in vitro stimulation of human primary amnion and chorionic villi cells which are used in prenatal diagnostic studies. This medium provides maximum cell attachment and growth, and pH stability. Excellent metaphase yields are hereby achieved. The use of AmnioPrime has been shown to provide an optimal balance between the need for rapid diagnostic results and the need to minimise chromosome breakages during the cell culture process.



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  • Unambiguous results
  • Complete medium for human primary cells
  • Excellent growth
  • High cell division rates
  • Consistent reproducibility


  • Cultivation of human primary cells
  • Prenatal diagnostics
  • Postnatal diagnostics

Quality guaranteed

  • Control of every batch
  • Evaluated stimulation  
  • CE registered

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100 ml for Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes
Cat. No.: LPR-B; free sample


100 ml for Bone Marrow Cells
Cat. No.: MP-B; free sample


100 ml for Cultivation of Amnion and Chorionic Villi Cells
Cat. No.: APR-B, free sample