Higher cell numbers with longer cultivation

EndoPrime is a low serum medium and has been developed for the in vitro cultivation of endothelial cells from blood vessels. Our endothelial cell culture medium with pre-tested, high quality FBS is verifiably beneficial for human endothelial cells. The formulation for EndoPrime is such that primary cell characteristics are retained over the entire course of the expansion.


The medium has been optimized for human primary cells, but can also be used for other endothelial cell lines. It supports a broad spectrum of cell functions.


EndoPrime is ready-to-use and thereby minimizes additional work or risk of contaminations.


Significantly higher cell numbers can be achieved because of higher proliferation rates for endothelial cells grown in EndoPrime. This in turn allows a larger number of experiments to be carried out with the same batch of primary endothelial cells.


  • Unique and optimized formulation that promotes endothelial cell growth
  • Retention of primary cell characteristics
  • Highest cell numbers with longer cultivation
  • Lowest percentage of senescence markers
  • Reduced lot-to-lot variations


  • Cultivation of human primary endothelial cells
  • Diagnostic and cosmetic industry
  • Cell therapy research
  • Research and Drug Development

Drug Development Research

The product has been developed for research, drug development, safety screening in the cosmetic industry and cell therapy research.

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EndoPrime Complete Medium for Cultivation of Endothelial Cells; Cat. No. EPR-B; Volume 100 ml; free sample