Iron Supplemented Fetal-Calf Serum

Iron Supplemented Fetal-Calf Serum is a mixture of our high quality fetal bovine serum and calf serum, supplemented with additives that match or outperform FBS' cell growth capabilities in many cell lines including CHO and Vero.


  • Fetal-Calf Serum is an enriched Fetal-Calf Serum, supplemented with additives including a proprietary Iron Complex

  • Fetal-Calf Serum is proven to match and in many cases outperform FBS in numerous cell lines including HeLa, HEK293, CHO, Vero, NB, HeLa, A549 and MDBK.

  • Fetal-Calf Serum is a cost saving alternative for FBS due to the large batch production scale we use.

  • Fetal-Calf Serum specifications closely mimic FBS and is also typically free of viruses and mycoplasma

  • Many cell lines are suited to direct adaptation from FBS to Fetal-Calf Serum with no interruption.

  • We process Fetal-Calf Serum in single containers and double 0.1 µm sterile filter it.

  • Fetal-Calf Serum is stable in price for long time period.


Samples are not available for USA, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand

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Cat. No.: FCS-62B, Volume: 100 ml; free sample