Serum-free and Ready-to-use

Human primary hepatocytes are an important tool in the drug development pipeline, and for academic and pharmaceutical studies on liver disease pathology. However, currently available culture media severely limit the utility of primary hepatocytes through rapid loss of function and viability within a week.


Capricorn Scientific has developed a ready-to-use medium, which allows our customers to concentrate on their experiments. Our new hepatocyte cell culture medium HepaPrime is completely serum-free and especially designed for optimal short time cultures without additional daily feedings.


  • Serum-free composition
  • Ready-to-use
  • Performance tested


  • Fresh and cryopreserved short term cultures
  • Incubation of human and animal liver tissue
  • Toxicological studies for endpoint determination
  • Drug uptake studies
  • Metabolic stability studies

Research and Development

HepaPrime has performed well in stability tests and has shown to give highly reproducible results. It can also be used for the endpoint determination of human hepatocytes.

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HepaPrime Complete Medium for Cultivation of Primary Hepatocytes; Cat. No. HPR-B; Volume 100 ml; free sample