PARA|DYM - A Revolutionary Concept

  • PARA|DYM is an entirely new concept in cell culture work and is essentially our special service designed to make your research work more efficient and reliable.

  • We produce your Ready for Use Medium entirely to your specifications under industrial clean room conditions. The formulation for your medium will be held confidentially, and we guarantee a precise, reproducible and sterile production process. Detailed documentation is provided for our customers on request.

  • We prepare your cell culture nutrient solution exactly as you wish, using the serum that you have tested, be it from Capricorn Scientific, Sigma or Gibco. You define the serum source and we supplement RPMI, DMEM or whatever your choice of medium is. Additionally, we can include special additives if you require these, such as HEPES, Penicillin-Streptomycin or special growth enhancement factors.

  • Each sterile flask is vacuum-sealed in plastic so that it is protected from all forms of contamination. Contamination risks in your laboratories are minimised because you will always be working with absolutely clean flasks. The addition of antibiotics can thereby be kept to a minimum

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