Efficient and safe cell dissociation

AccuMax is a ready-to-use alternative to Trypsin and Collagenase for breaking down cell aggregates and for tissue dissociation. It has the advantage of being highly effective, but gentle to the cells.

The separation of cell aggregates is quick and efficient, and without any damage to the surface epitopes of the cells. AccuMax contains neither bacterial nor mammalian derived components for maximum safety for your cell culture.

Reliable Results

Clump formation of cells is a major problem in eukaryotic cell culture, especially in suspension cultures. The use of AccuMax leads to an effective dissociation of cell clumps and efficient generation of single cells.
Cell counting is much more precise and FACS is less susceptible to errors. You are therefore assured of more reliable and reproducible results.


  • Separation of cell aggregates
  • Dissociation of cell pellets
  • FACS analysis
  • Cell counting
  • Suitable for suspension cells e.g. Hybridoma, CHO, BHK, Sf9

Your Advantages

  • Highly efficient cell sorting
  • Highly active (1 ml for 10^7 cells)
  • Gentle to surface epitopes
  • Non-mammalian origin
Free sample AccuMax

Cat. No.: ACM-1G, Volume: 20 ml

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Cat. No.: ACM-1F, Volume: 50 ml, Price: on request