CHO Expression: Batch or Flask

Bioprocess: CHO Expression

CHO Cell Cultivation and Expression in Perfect Balance

Batch cultures (e.g. in shake or spinner flasks) serve as an excellent initial step to optimize culture conditions during the early phases of experimental development.

Our CHOventure is a growth medium for a fully scalable, maximum-performance, high-yield CHO production.


CHOventure Product Line
CHOventure Product Line

CHOventure is a chemically defined growth medium, specifically tailored for maximum yield protein production in CHO batch reactor systems. CHOventure leads to maximum scalability and uniform distribution of cells, even in large bioreactor systems. It is suitable for production of proteins, antibodies and viruses, promoting proper production and folding due to its sophisticated formulation.

The formulation with high levels of glucose supports mitotic progression in all common CHO cell types for maximum viability. Additional trace elements sustain cells optimally with all necessary nutrients while protecting cells.

Advantages of CHOventure

  • Chemically defined formulation specifically tailored to production in CHO cell lines
  • High-titer expression up to 15 g/L
  • Seamless scale-up from small experiments to large bioreactors
  • Exceptionally high viable cell density

CHOventure Growth Medium, with Hypoxanthine, with Thymidine, with Pluronic™, without Insulin, without L-Glutamine

CHOventure is a chemically defined growth medium for efficient high-yield protein expression/production in batch and fed-batch cultivation systems with CHO cell lines. The CHOventure product line is complemented by two corresponding feeding supplements, CHOventure Feed A and Feed B.
500 ml
+2°C to +8°C
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