Capricorn Scientific: RPMI 1640

Customized Manufacturing

Fast and flexible customization for research and production

We combine the expertise, quickness, and manufacturing capabilities to help you define the products of tomorrow. Our development brings the advantage needed to overwhelm your competitors.  


Advantages at a glance

  • Fast turn-around time
  • Express Response Media Service
  • From small- to large-scale liquid and powder production in any format

Customized production and development

With extensive experience, Capricorn Scientific has in-depth knowledge of the development, production, and distribution of cell culture and diagnostic products. We possess the technical and scientific know-how to solve customer-specific problems in terms of special product manufacturing. We design your media according to your recipe or create innovative solutions that can improve the performance and efficiency of your specific processes.

Currently, we offer single lot sizes of up to 2000 L (liquid) and the capability to fill liquid into vials, bottles, or single-use bags within our aseptic production line. We achieve lot-to-lot consistency through highly detailed manufacturing procedures, precise tolerances on all measures, and strict in-process acceptance ranges.

Depending on your projects you can choose between our Express Response Media Service and from 2021 onwards our ISO 13485 Service with extensive documentation. Our facility enables smooth transitions from pilot to commercial-scale cell culture production.

Express Response Media Service

Our Express Response Media Service for pre-GMP, small- to mid-scale custom media, feeds, supplements, or buffers is the flexible service for faster results. This quick turn-around service gives you a competitive advantage and offers you the possibility to concentrate on your work.

Coming Soon

A custom order is defined as a request for products with formulation, packaging, and/or testing requirements other than that of the product offered through the current Capricorn Scientific catalog. Custom orders require clear information concerning:


  1. Formulation with product specifications
  2. Total volume
  3. Packaging and labelling
  4. Testing (if differing from our standard testing)


In many cases, you can identify your customized product within the product range of Capricorn Scientific with only minor changes to the standard formulation.


Also, if your formulation is not a modification of a standard catalog product but a new formulation, you need to supply us a complete detailed formulation, including product source, if you wish that we use components of a certain origin.

  1. Download the form (CR)
  2. Complete the form and price request as required
  3. Fax/Email the completed and signed form to Capricorn Scientific
  4. You will receive a rapid response together with an offer
  5. If you agree, you sign the order purchase commitment
  6. Capricorn Scientific gives you a reliable and agreed delivery date and begins production
  7. As soon as our quality control has approved the product, we ship it to you or alternatively store it for you. Parallel QC testing by the customer can be arranged.