HEK|ONE Feed, Chemically-Defined Feeding Supplement, without L-Glutamine

HEK|ONE Feed is a serum-free, chemically-defined feeding supplement for stable and transient HEK293 cells. It can be combined with HEK|ONE S or HEK|ONE T.
1,000 ml
+2°C to +8°C
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HEK|ONE Feed is a serum-free, chemically-defined, animal component-free feeding supplement for stable and transient HEK293 cells. It was developed for the use as feeding solution in combination with HEK|ONE S in recombinant protein production, as well as HEK|ONE T for transient gene expression.

The feeding supplement contains highly concentrated nutrients to increase the productivity of HEK293 and other human cells but no lipids, hydrolysates, or growth factors.

HEK|ONE Feed supports superior production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in suspension culture by maintaining and extending the production capability of HEK cultures. Consumed substances like vitamins and amino acids are replenished to increase the protein yield by process extension. It is suitable for research and further manufacturing.