Other Animal Sera

Animal Sera for special applications

Animal serum, as a natural product, is a well-balanced mixture of protein, growth factors, amino acids, and hormones. This makes serum one of the most important supplements to support the growth and proliferation of in vitro cell culture. Animal serum is commonly used in research and in industrial applications.

Various Animal Sera

Serum is often used in processes, such as the manufacturing of diagnostic products and vaccines, under strict regulations. Capricorn Scientific presents a wide portfolio of different types of serum for cell culture applications. For industrial applications, we provide more extensive documentation for traceability reasons, as well as with a broader palette of virus and biophysical tests.

There are applications, for example, in autologous cell cultures, in which proteins derived from bovine sources must be avoided. Therefore, it is important not to introduce foreign proteins into cell culture systems.

Furthermore, immune-histological methods, such as immunofluorescence tests, need the usage of special sera instead of bovine sera.

Capricorn Scientific offers a wide range of high-quality, sterile-filtered and tested sera from a variety of species.

The following products are obtainable:



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