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Liquid Handling

Transport systems fully customizable

Capricorn Scientific’s disposable bag systems are designed to maintain the integrity of your cell culture medium. Furthermore, each technical parameter is fully customizable and can be adapted towards your system.


Advantages at a glance

  • Biocompatibility
    We use only cell culture approved and validated packaging systems. Every system is validated through comprehensive studies on stability, extractable and leachable contaminants, and an in depth toxicological assessment.
  • Volume Scalability
    We support unit sizes from 5 L up to 1000 L, 2D and 3D single-use bags for fluid management.
  • Individual Configuration
    Our bags can be aligned to the requirements of your individual process through our broad spectrum of connectors, tubing, and packaging systems.

Single-use technologies for biotechnology

Disposable technologies have rapidly become popular in the biopharmaceutical industry. Not only do they reduce risks but also improve operational efficiency. Disposable systems have proven their robustness and scalability. They are suitable for laboratory and production applications up to the level of GMP operations.

Qualified transportation systems for every process

Our bioprocess bag systems protect the integrity of your cell culture. They come with standard and customized options for a wide range of applications, sizes, and connector systems. These systems are part of our comprehensive range of sterile products to fully meet your needs and include robust euro boxes, stainless steel or HDPE- containers, roller plates, and special assemblies. Our systems are qualified specifically for controlled transportation of sensitive liquids, buffers, media, and more, under strictly controlled temperature and other critical conditions.

Scalable and customizable bag systems

We use disposable single-use bag systems for the secure and reliable transportation of our cell culture products. The resins used in the manufacturing of our bags are optimized to ensure excellent and reproducible growth. The thickness, strength, and flexibility of these bags make them suitable for all process steps and reduce the risk of damage due to inappropriate handling.
Our products are delivered in 2D pillow bags for unit sizes up to 50 L, and in 3D cubic bags for larger unit sizes up to 1000 L.

Secured packaging for worldwide delivery

To ensure the security of your products, we provide each 2D pillow bag in special robust, lightweight and impermeable euro boxes. Each 3D cubic bag is delivered in a durable “triple-secured” stainless steel container or HDPE plastic container. Special data loggers to monitor the temperature for each delivery can be included on request.

Select the right connection for your process

We have the right connection for every process. We offer a large selection of connectors for sterile and less strictly controlled environments. With up to 100 different connection options, including weldable thermoplastic tubings, our fluid management systems are versatile and can be integrated into any existing process or application.

  • Standard MPC or MPX couplings
  • Sterile connectors like Opta® or AseptiQuik®
  • MPU couplings
  • Sanitary connections