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Capricorn's High-Quality FBS We Manufacture in Germany

Explore Our Different FBS Types

FBS Standard | Capricorn Scientific
South America, USA
Triple 0.1 µm filtered
Virus- & bacteria-tested
Test multiple batches at once
Batch reservation while testing
Common cell line-approved
  • Natural FBS
  • Consitent quality
  • Low endotoxin
  • Works with all cell types
Traditional FBS:
Suitable for all cell types
Pricing is highly dependant on
FBS market fluctuations
FBS Xtra | Capricorn Scientific
South America, USA
Triple 0.1 µm filtered
Virus- & bacteria-tested
Test multiple batches at once
Batch reservation while testing
Common cell line-approved
  • Reduced serum content
  • Chemically defined additives
  • Reduced lot-to-lot variation
  • More sustainable ingredients
Best for tumor cells &
fast-growing cell types
Evaluation recommended
for long-term cell growth
FBS Advanced | Capricorn Scientific
South America
Triple 0.1 µm filtered
Virus- & bacteria-tested
Test multiple batches at once
Batch reservation while testing
Common cell line-approved
  • Cost-efficient FBS
  • Natural, defined additives
  • Minimal lot-to-lot variation
  • No further batch testing
Best for tumor cells &
less demanding cell types
Transfection optimization
may be required
FBS Minis | Capricorn Scientific
South America, USA
Triple 0.1 µm filtered
Virus- & bacteria-tested
Test multiple batches at once
Batch reservation while testing
Common cell line-approved
  • Pre-aliquoted FBS (10 x 50 ml)
  • All serum types are available
  • Less risk of contamination
  • Reduced plastic waste
Less Work. More Time.
Easy inventory management
Slightly higher pricing, but saves valueable time and resources!
We also offer various treatment options for our serum products (e.g., heat inactivation). Any questions? Be sure to check our FAQs!
Treatment Options for Serum Products | Capricorn Scientific
Capricorn's treatment options for sera

Treatment Options

Explore our various treatment options for FBS products.
Choose between the following treatment options for your serum:

  • Heat-inactivated
  • Gamma-irradiated
  • Exosome-depleted
  • Charcoal-stripped
  • IgG-stripped
  • Dialyzed
  • 9CFR-tested
  • Embryonic Stem Cell-pretested
  • Low Endotoxin
  • TET-negative

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the testing/reservation process for FBS work?

Our testing and reservation process for FBS is designed to be flexible and convenient for your research needs. Here's a breakdown of the steps:

1. Tell us about your project requirements:

  • Quantity: Specify the number of bottles (with volume) and the specific FBS product(s) you'd like to test.
  • Batch Variety: If you'd like to test multiple batches, let us know the number of different batches you require for each product type.

2. Testing Period:

Inform us of the estimated duration of your testing process (in weeks). This helps us understand your timeline for reserving batches.

3. Sample Delivery:

We'll send you the requested FBS samples for your testing.

4. Testing Process & Batch Reservation:

While you conduct your testing process, we'll reserve specific batches of your chosen FBS products for the duration of your testing period. This ensures the availability of the batches you're interested in, should you decide to proceed.

5. Additional Service Options (Optional):

Once your testing is complete, you can decide on your preferred course of action:

  • FBS Minis: If you choose the convenient pre-aliquoted FBS Minis option, you'll receive them in practical boxes of 10 x 50 ml!
  • MyStock: We'll securely store your reserved batches, and you can call them off at your convenience, based on the agreed-upon terms.
  • PARA|DYM™: Skip the prep work! We'll prepare your custom cell culture medium, incorporating your chosen FBS (percentage of choice) and any additional supplements or antibiotics you require. You will receive a ready-to-use medium, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

We hope this clarifies the process! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Absolutely! We prioritize ensuring compatibility before you commit to a larger volume. Here's how it works:

Testing with Standard Sample Size:

As always, we provide 100 ml samples of your chosen FBS for testing. This allows you to conduct thorough evaluations and confirm the suitability of the FBS for your research needs.

Purchase and FBS Minis:

If, after testing, you decide to move forward with a purchase, you'll receive the FBS in our convenient FBS Minis format. These pre-aliquoted portions minimize waste and streamline your workflow in your research.

Click here to learn more about the FBS Minis.

The great news is that all our serum products are available in the convenient FBS Minis format!

We understand the benefits of pre-aliquoted portions for research:

  • Minimized waste: FBS Minis greatly minimize plastic waste and reduce the risk of contamination compared to the typical aliquoting process.
  • Streamlined workflow: Ready-to-use aliquots save you valuable time and effort in preparing your cell culture media.
  • Increased consistency: Pre-aliquoted portions ensure consistent volumes and minimize the potential for errors during manual aliquoting.

By offering all our serum products as FBS Minis, we aim to provide you with maximum flexibility and convenience for your research needs.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of customizing your FBS to meet your specific research needs. We offer a variety of treatment options to ensure your chosen serum possesses the desired characteristics.

Explore Our Treatment Options:

  • Heat-inactivation: This process inactivates complement proteins in the serum, minimizing the risk of unwanted immune responses in your cell cultures.
  • Gamma-irradiation: Gamma irradiation offers an alternative method for inactivating pathogens and reducing the risk of viral contamination.
  • Exosome-depleted: This treatment removes exosomes, extracellular vesicles that can influence cell behavior. Exosome-depleted FBS might be preferred for studies focusing on specific cell responses without exosome interference.
  • Charcoal-stripped: Charcoal stripping reduces concentrations of steroid hormones such as estradiol, progesterone, cortisol, T3, and T4 without nonspecific loss of other serum components. This treatment is useful for studying processes influenced by steroid hormones and other research topics that benefit from reduced hormone levels, such as certain types of viral infections.
  • IgG-stripped: IgG-stripped FBS removes immunoglobulins (IgGs), which are large antibody molecules. This treatment might be necessary for studies where you want to minimize the influence of antibodies on your cells.
  • Dialyzed: Dialysis removes small molecules from the serum, potentially altering its growth-promoting properties. This treatment can be used to investigate the impact of specific low-molecular-weight components on your cell cultures.
  • 9CFR-tested: This testing ensures the FBS meets specific standards for use in research involving animals derived from U.S. sources.
  • Embryonic Stem Cell-pretested: This FBS is tested for its ability to support the growth and differentiation of embryonic stem cells.
  • Low Endotoxin: This FBS is specifically processed to minimize endotoxin levels, which can trigger inflammatory responses in some cell types.
  • TET-negative: TET-negative FBS is free of detectable TET antibiotics, which might be crucial for specific research applications where TET presence could interfere with your experiments.

Maximizing Research Flexibility:

By offering a diverse range of treatment options, we empower you to select the most suitable FBS for your research goals. Explore our website or contact our team to learn more about these treatments and their applications.

Heat-inactivation of FBS: Not Always Necessary

In the past, heat-inactivation (HI) was standard practice for FBS. However, it's not always the best option for you, as it can damage growth factors in the FBS, potentially hindering cell growth.

Feel free to contact us, and together we'll determine whether HI is the way to go for you. Often times, we can recommend a suitable FBS product that meets your requirements without the need of heat-inactivation.

Finally, if you choose to heat-inactivate your FBS, it is best you leave the HI process to us – we follow a strict protocol and monitor the conditions diligently.

Do you need HI?

  • Generally No: We recommend skipping HI unless you have a specific reason to use it.
  • Yes, If: You're working with cell lines known to be sensitive to complement proteins in the FBS, but even here it may not be necessary!
  • Unsure? Contact us! We can help you decide if HI is necessary for your research.

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