The right choice for every cell culture: Capricorn’s high-performance Sera

Capricorn Scientific offers a broad selection of cell culture sera and additional treatments (e.g., heat inactivation, exosome depletion, delipidation), which are all directed to improve your research. Apart from Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), we offer various other Sera for cell culture, such as Human Serum, Chicken Serum, Mouse Serum, Goat Serum, and many Other Animal Sera. When a cost-effective alternative to FBS is required, we offer numerous Other Bovine Sera, e.g., Adult Bovine Serum (ABS), Calf Serum, or Newborn Calf Serum.

Each batch is tested for optimal cell culture performance. We provide the essential security, traceability, and documentation that you need to focus on your experiments.