Expression Media for Fed-Batch Culture

The innovative CHO|ONE Media System™ was designed for small- and large-scale protein production using Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells. These robust cells are used for the industrial production of a variety of recombinant proteins requiring complex post-translational modifications and correct protein folding.


The CHO|ONE Media System™ is highly suitable for fed-batch cultures. It improves the yield and concentration of recombinant proteins through selection of essential nutrients and growth promoting factors.


The CHO|ONE Media System™ was especially designed in close cooperation with our biopharmaceutical cooperation partner using
CHO-S, CHO-DG44 and CHO-K1 cell lines.


The system keeps the production of stress-related metabolites such as lactate and ammonia at an absolute minimum during the entire procedure of your fed-batch culture.


  • Maximum efficiency & productivity with short scale up time
  • Safe supply with short lead times
  • Individual optimization and customization
  • Guidance from clone to final fermentation
  • Animal-origin free and chemically defined
  • Lot-to-lot consistency


  • Pharm. EU certified chemicals
  • Qualification of each lot by NMR spectroscopy
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Audited suppliers of raw materials

Media System Components

  • Core Medium CHO|ONE E for high expression
  • CHO|ONE A for fast adaptation
  • Two corresponding feed supplements
  • Available in liquid and powder form
  • Fully scalable and applicable for high volumes

Order your free sample

CHO|ONE Media System, Starter Kit, contains CHO|ONE A; CHO|ONE E; CHO|ONE Feed 1; CHO|ONE Feed 2; Cat. No. CHO-K1; free sample