Hybridoma cell culture - Easy and reliable

Serum-free media are commonly used in the production of monoclonal antibodies in hybridoma and recombinant myeloma cells. The demands on a medium are very complex, because every cell has its own individual requirements.

Our special cell culture media meet pharmaceutical standards for quality, and are approved in the biopharmaceutical industry because they:

  • Minimize variables
  • Maximize yield
  • Simplify purification
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Cost-efficient

HybridomaPlus provides the easiest and safest solution in the production of diverse antibodies with recombinant myeloma lines as well as traditional hybridoma.


Our Hybridoma Supplement replaces the formerly used feeder cells to eliminate disadvantages like overgrowth of newly formed hybridoma, source of contamination, competition for nutrients, and variations in growth factor concentrations.


is a completely defined, protein-free medium for the cultivation of various hybridoma cells. The absence of proteins facilitates the antibody purification. It has been successfully tested in T-flasks and is also perfectly suitable for use in bioreactors. For applications in bioreactors the addition of Pluronic is recommended.

  • Completely defined
  • Free of animal derived components
  • Protein-free
  • Easy antibody purification

Hybridoma Supplement

is a completely defined growth supplement for fusion, selection and cloning of hybridoma cells. Since Hybridoma Supplement must simply be added to the culture medium, there is no need for the more difficult use of feeder cells.

  • Serum-free
  • High cloning efficiency
  • Excellent monoclonal antibody yield
  • Low protein content



Insulin Transferrin Selenium

is a chemically defined growth supplement for a variety of cell culture applications. These are required for optimum performance of serum-free media. Supplementation of ITS to conventional nutrient media substantially reduces the FBS requirement for routine maintenance of many cell lines such as CHO, Hybridoma, MDCK and Vero.

  • Chemically defined
  • Optimized performance
  • Strictly controlled activity

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500 ml Protein-free medium for hybridoma cells, with L-Glutamine
Cat. No.: HY-A; free sample

Hybridoma Supplement

50 ml Serum-free Hybridoma Supplement (10x) Cat. No.: HCS-F,
Special Test Sample Price: 45,00 €/pc. (costs for VAT, freight and dry ice are to be added)

Insulin, Transferrin, Selenium

10 ml ITS (100x), Cat. No.: ITS-H
Special Test Sample Price: 12,50 €/pc. (costs for VAT, freight and dry ice are to be added)