Effective removal of Mycoplasma

MycoXpert is a highly effective antibiotic which, even in very low concentrations, eliminates a wide spectrum of Mycoplasma species from your cell cultures.

MycoXpert works by interfering with the DNA of Mycoplasma, thereby blocking their growth and multiplication.

is very effective in removing the threat of Mycoplasma

has no negative effects on the proliferation of eukaryotic cells.

is very simple to use.


What are Mycoplasma?


Mycoplasma, the most common of contaminants found in cell cultures, are prokaryotic organisms. They can cause drastic changes in cell metabolism, thereby negatively influencing the growth and proliferation of cells. They rob cells of essential nutriments and cause diverse forms of cellular damage which in turn may lead to significant errors in and distortion of laboratory research results.

Mycoplasma are the smallest bacteria discovered to date, so small that they can easily pass through the typical sterile filtration processes, which are presently used to remove bacterial or fungal contaminants. They have no cell walls and therefore cannot be eliminated from cell cultures with antibiotics such as penicillin which target cell wall synthesis.

Therefore the need for special antibiotics such as MycoXpert!

Risks of Mycoplasma

  • Irreversible loss of cell lines and clones
  • Adulteration of experimental results
  • Damage to cells
  • Reduction of cell growth
  • Alteration of DNA/RNA synthesis

Application of MycoXpert

  • For infected established cell lines
  • Decontamination of primary material
  • Prophylaxis for cell culture

Benefits of MycoXpert

  • Effective removal of Mycoplasma
  • Active against a broad range of Mycoplasma
  • No negative effects on proliferation of eukaryotic cells
  • Simple application
  • Cost-effective
MycoXpert, Mycoplasma Removal Reagent (50x)

Special Test Sample Price: 59,00 €/pc. (costs for VAT, freight and dry ice are to be added) Cat. No.: MYX-B, Volume: 100 ml