Defined medium for tumor cells

Each cell type has its own characteristic metabolic processes which results in specific demands for nutrient supply. With TumorPlus 263, Capricorn Scientific presents the first products of its new Plus-Media-Line.

A defined medium is superior to classical culture media in many ways. Its cell type specific compositions with growth factors, vitamins, trace elements and protein fractions guarantee optimal culture conditions even for sensitive cell lines. The TumorPlus 263 defined cell culture media are supplemented with pre-tested and selected recombinant serum components which guarantee the highest performance for most tumor cells.

Your advantages

  • Optimized complete Medium
  • Ready and easy to use
  • Defined culture contitions
  • No addition of serum necessary
  • Reproducible working conditions

Just use it

Plus media are easy to use and further supplementation with serum is not necessary. Batch variations are therefore reduced to a minimum and the constant quality guarantees reproducible results. Contamination risks are minimized because the ready-to-use media require no further preparation before being utilized in cell culture.

Scientifically proven

Scientific studies have shown considerably improved cell growth for the cultivation of tumor cells in TumorPlus 263 compared to standard media.

HeLa cells were seeded with three different media in a Microtiter plate. After 7 days, growth promotion was measured with a MTT cell proliferation assay.

Test and see for yourself

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500 ml Complete medium for tumor cells, with L-Glutamine
Cat. No. TP-A; free sample