Vero Media - Cost-efficient vaccine production

Throughout the world, Vero cells have been used for the manufacturing of several viruses.

Virus propagation in cell culture systems has pushed the development of viral vaccines enormously.

The regulatory requirements discourage the use of animal products, such as serum in the process of vaccine production and they should thereby be avoided.


Capricorn Scientific has developed serum-free and animal component-free media for the propagation of Vero cells. The media also support the growth of Vero cells on microcarriers in controlled environments. Our media are ideal for vaccine production using the Vero cell line.


Capricorn's products for Vero cells are highly suitable for small- and large-scale vaccine production. Our cell culture media were optimized in cooperation with an industrial partner.


Our Vero medium VeroVax is a serum-free, animal and human origin-free cell culture and production medium. 


Your Advantages:

• Cost-efficient medium

• Contains growth promoting hydrolysates

• Fast and easy adaptation


Our Vero medium VeroPrime is a completely chemically defined cell culture and production medium.


Your Advantages:

• Animal and human origin-free

• Chemically defined

• Optimized small- & large-scale production

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Serum-Free Medium, w/o L-Glutamine, sterile-filtered; Cat. No: VEV-500ML; Volume: 500 ml; free sample

Chemically Defined Medium, w/o L-Glutamine, sterile-filtered; Cat. No: VEP-500ML; Volume: 500 ml; free sample