Reduced components & optimized growth: NCS21 Supplement


NCS21 Supplement is an optimized and modified formulation of B27® Supplement (B27® is a registered trademark of Life Technologies Corporation).
It is suitable for the long-term growth and viability of neuronal cell types. NCS21 is chemically defined and contains vitamins, hormones, and other growth factors including insulin, human transferrin, catalase, antioxidants, and fatty acids

Optimized cell culture in Neurosciences

NCS21 Supplement is an optimized 50-fold concentrate of  defined components for the cultivation of hippocampal and other neurons of the central nervous (CNS)- and peripheral nervous system (PNS).

For an optimal serum-free growth system, it can be used in combination with N2 supplement based on Bottenstein´s N2 formulation containing essential components like Progesterone.

Therefore, you create optimal conditions for the growth and viability of neuronal stem cells  and provide an enhanced environment for dividing and differentiating into neuronal cell lineages.

  • Differentiation of ES cells into neuron lineage (neurons and astrocytes)
  • Differentiation of neuronal stem cells into astrocytes and neurons
  • Optimal growth and long-term survival of rat hippocampal neurons (fetal and adult)
  • Survival of neurons from embryonic rat striatum, substantia nigra, septum and cortex, and neonatal rat cerebellum (fetal and adult)

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NCS21 Neuronal Supplement (50x), Serum-free

NCS21 Neuronal Supplement is an optimized solution for serum-free cell culture applications. It is mostly used for cultivation of neuronal cell types.
10 ml
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