CP-CHO Medium, Liquid, Protein-free CHO-Medium with L-Glutamine

CP-CHO is highly suitable for amplification and expression during perfusion/continuous processes in a variety of industrial CHO cells.
500 ml
+2°C to +8°C
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CP-CHO is a protein- and serum-free, chemically defined perfusion medium for increased production yields in continuous biomanufacturing. The CHO (Chinese hamster ovary) cell medium is manufactured without using any animal-derived substances and is supplemented with L-glutamine, HEPES, ferric citrate, and Pluronic™.

Capricorn's CP-CHO medium is highly suitable for the amplification and expression in a variety of industrial CHO cells. It speeds up the adaption of your CHO cells, when transitioning to large scale-, and finally to the clinical scale production.

One of the greatest challenges in the biopharmaceutical industry is the well-understood necessity to increase production efficiency and reduce the cost. Therefore, pioneering biopharmaceutical companies strive to achieve a cost-saving production without dismissing the high safety standards.

Perfusion bioreactors can culture cells over a much longer period than fed-batch systems. Over the course of months, fresh medium is added to the bioreactor and the old, depleted medium is removed.

The greatest advantage of perfusion over fed-batch systems is the scalability. Perfusion reactors are much smaller (50 L perfusion vs. 1000 L fed-batch for the same yield) and biopharmaceutical companies can adapt to an increase in demand more easily. Furthermore, the product quality is considered superior, as the expressed proteins are harvested more quickly and not exposed to the toxic waste that is accumulated over time by the depletion of the growth medium. This is particularly important when manufacturing unstable proteins.

CP-CHO is a co-development between Capricorn Scientific and one of our experienced industrial partners, that resulted in an excellent, highly-efficient, and cost-saving solution which offers increased production yields for your perfusion system.