Manufacturing Capabilities

German cell culture products that convince

Capricorn Scientific is in the process to build up a state of the art cell culture manufacturing plant in Ebsdorfergrund, near Frankfurt, Germany. Our plant expansion will house 1400 sqm clean room environment and quality laboratories.

Serum products

Animal and human sera provide most of the growth factors, hormones and other cell stimulating factors required for successful cell culture. A core competence of Capricorn Scientific is the sourcing and manufacturing of a variety of sera products from a wide range of origins.

We manufacture ‘true pool’ batches ensuring high levels of batch-to-batch consistency. From raw material selection and traceability through to the finished, triple 0.1 µm sterile filtered product - quality is the key to our success.

Our Serum production suite is spatial separated from our media and reagents plant to ensure absolute security for our customers requiring serum-free products.

Cultivation and production media

Cell culture media are essential for cell culture and provide the basic nutrients for most cell growth applications. Our product range includes classical media (DMEM, RPMI 1640, etc.), protein-free media, cell type specific media, cytogenetic media, and customized media.

We fill our products from small volume up to 1.000 L single use containers, only using highly purified and strictly monitored water for manufacturing.

Our manufacturing site for media is animal free and strictly controlled by appropriate measures.

Powder products

Capricorn Scientific offers a range of powdered basal media and buffer. In order to provide fast response times, we have recently installed a small scale powder mill to improve our Express Response Media Service.

For large scale powder media we work together with our external partner in Germany. Together we implemented new technologies in the manufacturing process of our dry powder media. From raw material selection to the finished product, the whole process is fully controlled, monitored and trackable. The state-of-the art pin mill and blender capabilities up to 2000 kg enable us for large scale production on biopharmaceutical level.