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Capricorn Scientific and ExcellGene: Strategic Partnership

Capricorn Scientific and ExcellGene Form Strategic Partnership to Support Biotech Industries! (February 2024)

Capricorn Scientific and ExcellGene Form Strategic Partnership to Support Biotech Industries!

  • Capricorn Scientific GmbH and ExcellGene SA form a cooperation to support the biotechnology sector with their united expertise.
  • Through their combined capabilities, Capricorn Scientific and ExcellGene enhance processes, develop advanced products, and provide effective solutions.
  • This customer-oriented approach is dedicated to accelerating the biotech journey from R&D up to clinical production.

EBSDORFERGRUND, Germany, February 28, 2024 / Biotech Newswire / Capricorn Scientific

Capricorn Scientific GmbH and ExcellGene SA have established a strategic partnership within the biotechnology sector. Applying their collective expertise and capabilities, the collaboration seeks to help customers by optimizing processes, developing products, and offering solutions in biotechnology. Lastly, this partnership is dedicated to customer-oriented solutions and a commitment to excellence, with the aim of advancing biotech research, development, and production.

Capricorn Scientific, a manufacturer of cell culture products based in Germany, specializes in producing media under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) conditions, in both liquid and powder forms. They have built a global distribution network, enabling direct access and personalized customer relationships.

ExcellGene, a Swiss biotech company, specializes in cell line development, process optimization, and increasing expression rates for CHO and HEK recombinant production. Together with their expertise in media optimization, ExcellGene brings valuable knowledge and capabilities in the cooperation. They have a long history of developing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the biotech industry.

The collaboration between ExcellGene and Capricorn Scientific is characterized by a clear path of responsibilities and a mutually beneficial approach: While ExcellGene focuses on optimizing cell clones and upstream processes, Capricorn Scientific specializes in production, commercial support, and distribution of media, feeds, and related products.

Their jointly developed upstream product for CHO cells, CHOventure, is especially for fed-batch processes and more than just a product. The strategy of CHOventure is highlighted by tailored support and direct communication for each project of customers. Leveraging the expertise of both companies and direct contact partners, they aim to expedite the transition from research to clinical phases. Maria & Florian Wurm from ExcellGene and Harry Brack from Capricorn Scientific expressed their commitment to fostering tomorrow’s breakthroughs and innovations together with their customers during their kick-off meeting.

Through the synergy of their complementary expertise and resources, ExcellGene and Capricorn Scientific aim to deliver enhanced solutions to customers in the biotechnology industry, thereby contributing to the advancement of research, development, and production processes.

About Capricorn Scientific

Founded in 2016, Capricorn has become a leading player in the biotech industry, dedicated to serving customers in the upstream sector. With a dynamic team of 72 coworkers, Capricorn is an ISO-certified German manufacturer of high-quality cell culture products. These solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of the entire biotech spectrum, from research and development to production. At Capricorn, the primary focus lies in providing innovative solutions for cell culture, including chemically defined media, feeding supplements, buffers, and customizable products available in both powdered and liquid formats on GMP level. By offering a diverse range of products, they empower clients to enhance their processes and achieve superior results in their biotechnological endeavors. Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to advancing scale-up processes, Capricorn is proud to be a trusted partner for biotech professionals worldwide. Through dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, they continue to make significant contributions to the advancement of biotechnology, shaping the future of R&D and production.

Capri-News: New Partnership with Prodotti Gianni

New Partnership with Prodotti Gianni (December 2023)

New Partnership with Prodotti Gianni

Exciting News for the End of the Year!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Prodotti Gianni!
Just in time to start an exciting journey in 2024, Prodotti Gianni will be our new partner for Capricorns cell culture products in Italy.

Collaborating with Prodotti Gianni is more than a partnership;

it's a celebration of service, proudly made in Italy.
Together, we aim to elevate scientific research by providing state-of-the-art cell culture solutions to the brilliant minds across the country.

We embark on this journey together.

We are confident that this collaboration will not only meet but exceed the expectations of the scientific community in Italy.
Here's to a prosperous New Year and new opportunities!

Capri-News: Thank you to our visitors at the ESHG 2023

Capricorn Scientific at the ESHG 2023 (June 2023)

Thank You to All Our Visitors at the ESHG 2023

A heartfelt gratitude to all who visited our booth at the ESHG in Glasgow! Your presence made the event truly memorable.

Let's stay connected for future opportunities!

Capricorn Scientific at the BPI Europe 2023

Capricorn Scientific at the BPI Europe (May 2023)

Thanks to our visitors at the BPI Europe 2023

Thanks to all of you …
… we’ve successfully completed the BPI Europe in Amsterdam.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, engaged in exciting discussions, and explored potential collaborations. We hope that we were able to provide you with valuable information and answer your questions regarding topics such as:

  • specialized media: CHO and HEK
  • SILAC media
  • and fundamental processes in biotechnology
If you missed us due to all the distractions, don't worry! You can visit us at the ESGH Cytogenetics Conference in Glasgow from 10-13 June.


BPI Europe 2023 Announcement

Come visit us as the BPI Europe 2023 (May 2023)

Capricorn at the BPI Europe 2023 in Amsterdam

Your favorite animal is the Capricorn? Then come and meet us at booth 3 at Bioprocess International Europe in Amsterdam from 9 – 11 May 2023. We are looking forward to exciting conversations and innovative collaborations with you.

By the way: We will have the latest version of the Capricorn Cube with us! Come by, grab your Cube and watch your success grow.

Photoshooting Capricorn Scientific 2023

Photoshoot 2023: New facility in the spotlight (April 2023)

Capricorn in Front of the Camera: Our Production in Action

Who says production work is not diversified enough? Not us! In our photoshoot, we prove that not only do we excel in the quality of our products, but also look good in clean room suits!

We had the pleasure of engaging Henrik Isenberg from "Henrik Isenberg Photography Marburg" as our commercial photographer. Henrik, an incredibly creative mind, managed to capture the essence of our company in an outstanding way and showcased our production in the new facility with high-quality and meaningful images.

If you are looking for an advertising photographer who can bring your brand and company to the next level, then keep him in mind! We are proud to share the exciting results with you over time.

NEW CLASSICAL MEDIA: Capricorn is increasing the standard cell culture portfolio

Capricorn's Cytogenetic Products (March 2023)

Diagnosis: Capricorn

Your New Supplier for Cytogenetic Media & Reagents

You are struggling to find a reliable supplier for cytogenetic media & reagents? Then your search is now over! Capricorn offers high-quality media and reagents for cytogenetics.

Click the link below to find the right Capricorn product corresponding to the product of your previous supplier:

Compare Our Cytogenetic Products

Crystal clear results for your cytogenetic analysis

We know about the importance the diagnostic sector attributes to availability, documentation, and the reliability of the product – assisting you in providing an excellent patient care.

AmnioPrime™ is our flagship product for the cultivation of amnion and chorionic villi cells:


Working with peripheral blood lymphocytes? Check out our LymphoPrime™ 1 & 2:

LymphoPrime™ LymphoPrime™ 2

But what about a Bone Marrow Medium? We got you covered with our MarrowPrime™:


NEW CLASSICAL MEDIA: Capricorn is increasing the standard cell culture portfolio

Capricorn is increasing the standard cell culture portfolio (January 2023)

Capricorn is increasing the standard cell culture portfolio

You are constantly waiting for the delivery of your cell culture products from other suppliers?

Then have a look at our latest additions – just in time for a great start into the year 2023. We are pleased to announce that starting February 1, we offer a range of new classical media, including insect media and SILAC media.

Insect lovers beware!

Still haven't found the right medium for your analyses? Let yourself be inspired! We will provide you with our new insect media, so that you don’t look like a mayfly with your analyses.

SILAC media – let your mass spectroscopy be labeled with success!

Our SILAC media – based on RPMI or DMEM – are perfectly suited for isotope labeling of cells for mass spectroscopy analyses.

"Cell culture company wants to grow" | Capricorn Scientific in the Hessian Newspaper (DE), September 2022

Capricorn Scientific in the Hessian Newspaper (September 2022)

Cell culture company wants to grow

With a heartfelt "thank you" to all helpers!

... we finally made it after an exciting construction phase.

On Friday, September 02, 2022, the moment had come. Together with our investors and bankers, numerous business partners as well as our hard-working construction workers and employees, we were able to celebrate the opening of our 1,350 m2 pharmaceutical production facility in Ebsdorfergrund.

A special thank you goes to our mayor Andreas Schulz for his inspiring speech as well as to our guests from Brazil and Indonesia, who travelled a long way to celebrate this special day with us.

We would also like to thank our honorary employee Adam Mergel, an architect without equal, for his speech and the impressive painting – for which the place of honor in our new building is secured!

With culinary delicacies from Marburg – thanks to Meier III – and an enchanting evening program with Luke Dimond, which made you want to lie under the table laughing, we hope to have offered everyone the right reward for their help. We also hope that the tour of the production facility led by our staff provided informative and exciting behind-the-scenes insights!

What is left to say?

Our company is continually growing to meet the changes in the marketplace. We have big goals, but with all our friends and partners, they are actually achievable. "Market leader in certain areas" thus remains only a matter of time!

Thank you very much for an unforgettable evening

The Capricorns

Green light for Capricorn, August 2022 | Capricorn Scientific
Green light for Capricorn Scientific (August 2022)

Green light for Capricorn Scientific

Mailshots are filling the spam folder...

Flyers & brochures are better used for heating in the current situation...

... so we are going to reach you in a different way!

In line with the follow-up discussion for the 9-Euro-Ticket (an initiative of the German government as part of the energy relief package), we are making the streets unsafe and bringing our message right to your doorstep. With the city buses in Marburg, our vision of bringing service and reliability back to the cell culture goes all around town!

After all, all Capricorns have the horned goat in their blood, and we will stand by your side in any situation, stable and constant!

Politiker zu Besuch bei Capricorn Scientific, Juli 2022 | Capricorn Scientific
Politicians visit Capricorn Scientific (July 2022)

Honorable visitors at Capricorn!

...because not only the company is evolving day by day, but also the industrial area in Ebsdorfergrund is growing diligently. Dr. Mützenich, Mr. Bartol and Mr. Womelsdorf were eager to see this for themselves. Together with Mr. Schulz and Mr. Kühn, they therefore made a tour of this site today.

InterKOM, industrial sites at the traffic circle, with its slogan "Only one traffic light to Frankfurt" was created in a three-party association of the university city Marburg, the community of Ebsdorfergrund and the town Staufenberg. The focus lies on employment and the quality of life of the people. From now on, the area aims to facilitate and drive forward the search for business locations among companies.

Capricorn Scientific and all the Capricorns are also located in the Ebsdorfergrund! We would therefore like to thank our visitors for their time and for taking such good care of our Ebsdorfergrund.

We continue to support the community with vigor, so that it will develop just as well.

Visitor (from right to left):

  • Dr. Rolf Mützenich, Chairman of the SPD Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag
  • Andreas Schulz, Mayor of the community of Ebsdorfergrund
  • Harry Brack, Managing Director of Capricorn (not a visitor, of course!)
  • Sören Bartol, Chairman of the SPD district Marburg-Biedenkopf
  • Maximilian Kühn, candidate for mayor of Ebsdorfergrund
  • Jens Womelsdorf, District Administrator of Marburg-Biedenkopf

Let us take you on a trip through:

○ Raw material handling
○ Sterile filtration
○ Individual filling and labeling
○ Quality Control 
○ Storage 


First BIG Distributor Meeting

Within a short period of time, Capricorn Scientific has become a major player in the cell culture market, especially in the field of Fetal Bovine Serum. However, we cannot overlook one important aspect of this - our distributors. It was a great honor to welcome you to our first BIG Distributor Meeting 2022 at the Welcome Hotel Marburg.

Besides many informative presentations - a BIG thank you to Martijn Rotteveel (Westburg, Netherlands) and Hakan Kirimli (Techlabs, Turkey) - we had the chance to discuss new projects in group and individual meetings and to explore various issues with you. After a successful opening ceremony of our new production facility, it was a pleasure for us to guide you through the halls of the liquid gold (FBS).

Regardless, the most important thing for us was to get to know each other personally. In a cozy atmosphere and with a great meal at the Dammmühle, we were able to relax, laugh and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the last few hours of our meeting.

We are delighted to establish a tradition with this meeting and are looking forward to saying WELCOME again next year.

Thank you,

Your Capricorn Team


Coming soon