Hanks’ Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), with Ca & Mg, without Phenol Red

Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) is a buffered salt solution. It is used in a variety of cell culture applications, such as preparation of cells or maintenance of physiological pH.
500 ml
+2°C to +25°C


Hanks’ Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) with Ca & Mg, without Phenol Red is used for various cell culture applications, such as rinsing cells, transporting cells or tissue samples, diluting cells for counting, and preparing reagents. The essential function of a balanced salt solution is to maintain pH and osmotic balance, as well as providing cells with water and essential inorganic ions.

When using Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS) as a buffer, it is able to neutralize small amounts of acid or base. This acts as a stabilizer to maintain the pH level of a solution.

Formulations of HBSS with calcium and magnesium are generally used as transport media or for reagent preparation.