Human Serum, Type AB

Human Serum Type AB, or Human AB Serum, is obtained from human male AB plasma. It is used as supplement of cell culture media and for other cell culture assays.
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Human Serum Type AB, also Human AB Serum, is obtained exclusively from healthy male donors in FDA-licensed facilities located in the USA. It may be described as blood plasma, where all cells and clotting factors have been removed. All proteins not used for clotting, antibodies, antigens, hormones, and electrolytes are preserved during the filtration process.

Human AB serum in culture medium provides human cell lines with an environment that more closely resembles their physiological conditions than growth media supplemented with animal sera. This is of particular significance in micro-optical investigations of cell structures or differentiation studies, where results are intended to allow conclusions to be drawn regarding natural conditions in human tissue. Therefore, human sera may be superior to animal sera when culturing sensitive human cell lines, such as macrophages or lymphocytes.

Apart from being an additive for cell culture media, Human Serum Type AB is used for control assays, immunoassays, clinical chemistry, and in vitro diagnostics. Due to the nature of blood groups, it does not contain anti-A or anti-B antibodies, which can damage human cells in culture and disrupt immunological investigations.

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