FBS Minis: Less Work. More Time.

FBS Minis

Less Work. More Time.

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FBS Minis: Inventory made easy.

Fetal bovine serum (FBS) has been an integral part of cell culture for a long time. Its more than 1,000 different components make the serum a precious source of nutrients for numerous different cell types.

However, the path a serum product has to take from receipt of the goods until being used in the cell culture medium is a time-consuming one, characterized by obstacles and potential risks. The error-prone and laborious aliquoting of FBS is still gray daily routine for many laboratories.

The FBS Minis put an end to this gray daily routine. Our team of experts has developed a SERVICE with the FBS Minis that redefines working with cell cultures and offers you a solution that allows you to concentrate on what really matters: Your research.

The FBS Minis offer an exceptional service aspect! They follow the concept of saving you what is often perceived as troublesome and time-consuming work in the laboratory: aliquoting of FBS.

What Are the Benefits of FBS Minis?


Reproducibility is still a problem in experiments with serum. Thanks to our stringently monitored manufacturing process, all parameters are under control.


The choice of serum should depend on the conditions of the experiment. Test your batch first and then use our FBS Minis SERVICE!


Leave the production of your FBS carefree in the hands of our experts, who work under strict clean room conditions – more time for science!


Still Not Convinced?

Here Are Some More Benefits!

1. Less plastic waste

Aliquoting FBS uses additional containers and disposable utensils. On average, you save 30 % plastic waste by using our FBS Minis option!

2. No contamination, no errors

If not carried out correctly, aliquoting FBS is a common source of contamination. Our qualified manufacturing process under strict clean room conditions eliminates this risk.

Furthermore, during aliquoting errors may occur, such as the uneven distribution of important serum components if the serum has not been mixed correctly beforehand. This falsifies the results of your cell culture experiments!

3. Inventory Made Easy – Everything at a Glance

Hand-labelled 50-ml tubes can easily become smudged or illegible. Also, they can easily get lost in the freezer compartment. With our practical folding box, you can keep an eye on everything and become a master of organization.

Each box and each individual bottle is equipped with a clear label containing all the important information. You can also note your work group or other useful information on the lid of the box.

FBS for Every Application

For efficient work in cell culture, our Minis are the indispensable revolution for your laboratory. We produce, fill and label your FBS – allowing you to concentrate on your research.

The FBS Minis are supplied in practical boxes of 10, making storage in the freezer compartment child's play. The box as well as each bottle is labelled with all the important information!

All our FBS variants are available as Minis to provide you with maximum convenience. Do you already know our proven variants?

Product Volume Cat.-No.

FBS Xtra, Fetal Bovine Serum
Collected in South America

10 x 50 ml 10-FBS-16F

Fetal Bovine Serum Advanced
Collected in South America

10 x 50 ml 10-FBS-11F

Fetal Bovine Serum
Collected in South America

10 x 50 ml 10-FBS-12F
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Treatment Options

FBS Behandlungsmöglichkeiten
Capricorn's treatment options for sera

In addition to our classics, we also offer all treated variants of our FBS as Minis. Choose between the following treatment options for your serum:

  • Gamma-irradiated
  • Exosome-depleted
  • Charcoal-stripped
  • IgG-depleted
  • Dialyzed
  • 9CFR-tested
  • Embryonic Stem Cell-pretested
  • Low Endotoxin
  • Tetracylcine-negative
  • Heat inactivation

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