CHOventure: Cultivating Tomorrow's Breakthroughs


Cultivating Tomorrow's Breakthroughs

CHOventure: Cultivating Tomorrow's Breakthroughs
CHOventure: Cultivating Tomorrow's Breakthroughs

Through a strategic collaboration, ExcellGene SA, a CDMO specialized in sophisticated protein expression service, and Capricorn Scientific have joined forces to develop a revolutionary culture system for efficient recombinant expression: CHOventure.

Our CHOventure media system was designed to boost CHO cell productivity in various CHO cell types and empowers a seamless scale-up for consistent, high-yield protein production in batch- and fed-batch reactors.

The CHOventure product line consists of a growth medium and two feeding supplements, empowering a seamless scale-up across research and commercial applications.

Driven by extensive research and unwavering dedication, CHOventure delivers the optimal nutrient composition designed to support high-density cultivation systems, making it ideal for large-scale production of recombinant proteins.

What Are the Benefits of CHOventure?


High-Yield Expression

Benefit from high-quality titer expression with yields up to 15 g/L.

Seamless Scalability

Experience seamless scale-up from initial testing to full-scale commercial production.

Support & Service

Profit from support in your project development, from the initial idea to the finish line.

Unfolding the Full Potential

CHOventure empowers biotech researchers and manufacturers to achieve exceptional results. Our medium and feeds, meticulously designed and optimized for high-density suspension cultures, unlock the full potential of CHO cells, maximizing recombinant protein production.

CHOventure: Titer Expression
CHOventure: Viability
CHOventure: Direct Adaptation
CHOventure: Population Doubling Time
CHOventure: Specific Productivity
CHOventure: Viable Cell Density

Viable Cell Density (VCD)

Compared to prominent market competitors, CHOventure delivers the highest viable cell density in fed-batch production systems, without compromising product yield or quality. Furthermore, the complete CHOventure system offers the flexibility of both liquid and powder formats while adhering to the strictest quality standards – fully chemically defined and compliant with ICH guidelines and regulations.

Analysis of cell growth in viable cell density over 14 days in a fed-batch experiment. Seeding density of 5 × 105 cells. Feeding strategy was equal in each system: 4.0% Feed A, 0.4% Feed B after day 3. The highest VCD levels were achieved with CHOventure.

CHOventure: Fed-Batch Production Over 14 Days

CHOventure Starter Kit, CHOventure Media System

CHOventure is a chemically defined growth medium for efficient high-yield protein expression/production in batch and fed-batch cultivation systems with CHO cell lines. The CHOventure product line is complemented by two corresponding feeding supplements, CHOventure Feed A and Feed B.
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