CHOventure Starter Kit, CHOventure Media System

CHOventure is a chemically defined growth medium for efficient high-yield protein expression/production in batch and fed-batch cultivation systems with CHO cell lines. The CHOventure product line is complemented by two corresponding feeding supplements, CHOventure Feed A and Feed B.
+2°C to +8°C


In cooperation with ExcellGene, a Swiss located CDMO, specialized in sophisticated protein expression service, we developed CHOventure, a new cultivation system for a broad range of Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell lines.

CHOventure growth medium is designed for high-yield expression of recombinant proteins, reaching titers up to 15 g/L. CHOventure features robust and scalable growth performance, from small-scale experiments to large-scale bioreactors. For stable and efficient expression, CHOventure is a chemically defined composition supplemented with valuable trace elements, lipids, and hypoxanthine/thymidine.

CHOventure has been successfully tested for growth performance of various different CHO cell types, including CHO DG44 and CHO DXB11. Adaptation may be easily performed sequentially or even directly, when cultured in a chemically defined system previously.

The CHOventure product line contains a growth medium and two feeding supplements, CHOventure Feed A and B, which sustain cell cultures with additional nutrients. Our medium and feeds were designed and optimized for high-density suspension cultures and maximized production in batch- and fed-batch cultivation systems. The modular feed system allows for combinatorial variations and adaptations for efficient recombinant CHO cultivation.

Feed A contains a balanced mixture of concentrated amino acids, vitamins, salts, trace elements and a carbon source.

Feed B is composed of additional selected amino acids and completes the media system.

CHOventure features at a glance:

  • Maximizes viability, cell growth, and productivity
  • Balances consistent product quality by using the right ingredients
  • Supports a broad range of CHO cell types
  • Fully scalable system