LymphoPrime, Complete Karyotyping Medium for Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes - CE marked

LymphoPrime, Complete Karyotyping Medium is a ready-to-use medium for peripheral blood lymphocytes. It is mainly used for karyotyping and other cytogenetic studies.
100 ml
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LymphoPrime, Complete Karyotyping Medium is intended for use in the short-term cultivation of peripheral blood lymphocytes for chromosome evaluation (karyotyping and other cytogenetic studies).

The karyotyping medium is based on a basal medium supplemented with L-Glutamine, fetal bovine serum, antibiotics (penicillin/streptomycin), and phytohemagglutinin-M (PHA-M). It is supplied as a frozen medium, which is ready for use after thawing.

LymphoPrime can be used as an excellent alternative to products like BIO-PB™ Karyotyping Medium (BIO-PB™ is a registered trademark of the Sartorius Group).


NEW: LymphoPrime™ 2

LymphoPrime™ 2 is a newly designed and optimized formulation. With years of know-how, we have developed a formulation, which results in a better performance and longer stability.

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