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Product List: Our Full Cell Culture Portfolio
Product Catalogue: Our Full Cell Culture Portfolio ABOUT CAPRICORN SCIENTIFIC
  • German manufacturer of sera, media, and reagents for cell culture applications
  • high-quality animal sera for biotech, diagnostics, and research applications
  • dynamic, reliable, transparent & customer-oriented
  • ISO certified
Download: Product List Brochure 2021 (EN)
FBS Xtra: Controlled. Defined. Reduced. INNOVATIVE HIGH-PERFORMING SERUM
  • High performance through defined additives
  • less cell-stress
  • reduced serum content
  • chemically-defined trace elements
  • amino acids, vitamins, and cofactors
  • batch-to-batch homogenity
FBS Xtra: Controlled. Defined. Reduced.Download: FBS Xtra Brochure (EN)
  • high quality serum portfolio for diverse applications
  • promotes optimal cell growth with low batch-to-batch variation
  • FBS is available from different origins
  • applications for biopharmaceutical industry, vaccine production, laboratories, and many more
  • special treatments such as gamma irradiation, heat inactivation, UV irradiation, dialysis, and charcoal stripping are also part of our service
  • serum manufacturing site is ISO certified
Download: Serum Brochure (EN)
Advanced Media: Less Serum - Same Quality A STEP INTO THE RIGHT DIRECTION
  • based on the composition of the classic media DMEM and RPMI 1640
  • improved formulation reduces the dependence of your cells on the growth properties of serum
  • supplemented with high-quality components such as insulin, transferrin, and trace elements
  • serum content can be drastically reduced, allowing for more defined experiments
  • cultivation of various mammalian cell types
Download: Brochure Advanced Media (EN)
  • for local re-filling to produce Viral Transport Medium kits
  • suitable for SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses
  • various unit sizes (500 ml, 1000 ml, 20 L)
  • sterile-filtered
  • inhibits contamination during transport by added antibiotics
  • suitable for throat or nasal sampling
Download: Viral Transport Medium Brochure (EN)
CHO|ONE Media System™: Expression Media for Fed-Batch Culture PROCESS FOR SUCCESS
  • optimized components in ready-to-use kit
  • chemically-defined
  • developed for high performance and vast protein yields
  • outstanding expression capabilites
  • small- and large-scale protein production
  • highly suitable for fed-batch cultures
  • all batches tested regularily in extensive quality controls
Download: CHO|ONE Media System™ Brochure (EN)
CP-CHO Perfusion Medium: Inspired by Quality NEXT LEVEL QUALITY
  • chemically-defined
  • easily scalable from flask to bioreactor
  • excellent growth of wild-type and recombinant CHO cells in suspension
  • reduction of operating costs
  • product stability and integrity
  • availiable in various packaging systems
Download: CP-CHO Perfusion Medium Brochure (EN)
Cytogenetics: Our Product Range for Cytogenetic Studies EXCELLENCE IN CYTOGENETIC DIAGNOSTICS
  • quick and reliable diagnosis 
  • various ready-to-use media and supplements
  • all batches tested regularily in extensive quality controls
  • quality, reproducibility, and performance meet all regulatory requirements for this market segment
  • manufacturing site is certified according to ISO certification
Download: Cytogenetics Brochure (EN)
Advanced Media: Less Serum - Same Quality CONTROLLED DETACHMENT
  • easy-to-use
  • surface proteins remain structurally and functionally intact
  • minized stress during cell passaging
  • controlled and defined solution for sensitive cells, such as embryonic stem cells or neuronal cells
  • no neutralization step necessary
  • non-mammalian origin
Download: Brochure Accutase (EN)
Vero Expression: Developed Performance COST-EFFICIENT VACCINE PRODUCTION
  • optimized for cultivation with microcarriers
  • serum-free, animal origin-free, and low protein formulation
  • ideal for virus and recombinant protein production
  • cost-effective
  • available in various formats, such as bottles, bags & powder
Download: Vero Expression Brochure (EN)
PARA|DYM™: The Revolutionary Ready-to-Use Medium SHIFTING THE PARA|DYM™
  • ready-to-use solution with highly customized formulation
  • no risk of contamination due to carelessness
  • manufactured under industrial clean room conditions
  • addition of antibiotics not necessary
  • no variability due to pipetting errors
  • simple ordering process, as only one supplier is required
Download: PARA|DYM™ Brochure (EN)
Download: PARA|DYM™ Flowchart (EN)


HEK|ONE MEDIA SYSTEM Brochure (EN) High-titer protein expression in HEK293 cells
  • Complete chemically defined, animal component-free, and protein-free system
  • Supports growth of high density HEK293 cultures
  • Enables sustained, high level expression of recombinant proteins
  • Promotes transfection efficiency and production
Download: HEK|ONE MEDIA SYSTEM Brochure (EN)
FBS Advanced Brochure (EN) The Smart Solution
  • No need for batch reservation
  • Low variations from batch to batch
  • Homogenous growth promotion
  • Pre-tested on many cell lines
  • Optimized serum content
Download: FBS Advanced Brochure (EN)