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The use of antibiotic resistance is a well-established and important method for the selection of eukaryotic cell lines. There are a number of excellent selection antibiotics available from Capricorn Scientific, but perhaps the most widely used of these is G418 Sulphate.

G-418 Sulphate (also known as Geneticin) is produced by the bacterium Micromonospora rhodorangea and works by interfering with the function of certain ribosomes, and thereby blocking protein synthesis in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells such as yeast, bacteria, protozoa and mammalian cells. However, if specific neomycin resistance genes are expressed in eukaryotic cells, they become resistant to the antibiotic G-418 sulphate. Selection or isolation of resistant cells and the generation of resistant cell lines with specifically required properties is then possible.

Of course Capricorn Scientific provides G-418 Sulphate in powder form, but even better, we offer you G-418 Sulphate in solution with the following advantages:

  • The activity of each batch is normalised to the 100% standard (50 mg/ml) so there is no inter-batch activity variation and no need for you to create kill curves for each batch of G-418 sulphate powder. You benefit from the constant defined activity of our G-418 solution. You only need to create one kill curve with your cell line.
  • High purity
  • No handling of potentially toxic materials
  • No need for calculations, and the inconvenience of preparing your own solutions

We provide G-418 in two unit sizes: 10 ml and 100 ml. We deliver your orders frozen so as to guarantee maximal activity. And best of all, at very reasonable and cost effective prices.

Applications of G-418 Sulphate

  • Toxic effect on yeast, bacteria, protozoa, higher plant and mammalian cells
  • Selection antibiotic for eukaryotic cells in particular


  • 100% effectivness
  • High purity
  • No annoying calculation, weighing and filtering
  • No unnecessary activities with toxic substances
  • Cost-effective


Application of G-418 sulfate

  • Toxic effects against undesired yeasts, bacteria, protozoa and mammalian cells
  • Application in selection of plant cells and mammalian cells
  • Only one Kill-Curve necessary

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G-418 Sulfate Solution, 100 % Activity (50 mg/ml)

Cat. No.: G418-H; Volume: 10 ml; Special Price: 17.90 €/pc. (List price: 20.60 €/pc.) (costs for VAT, freight and dry ice are to be added)